Saving companion animals at risk of euthanasia in South Carolina animal shelters

Lemonade/Bake Sale Fundraiser!!

Veterinary bills are our biggest expense in the rescue. The second One Saturday each month we will be hosting a lemonade and bake sale stand to help with a specific medical need. We are currently raising money for Paige's heart surgery. Paige was born into our rescue nine months ago. She was adopted even though we knew she had heart issues. We are going to assist the adopter in paying for the heart surgery. Join us on Saturday, April 29 from 12-3 p.m. at Pet Supplies Plus in the Westcott Shopping Center or in their new Goose Creek location for our monthly fundraiser. Show your love for the animals by visiting our stand.


The Sinbad-Sadie Mission

Sinbad-Sadie Second Chance Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue working to reduce euthanasia of adoptable animals in South Carolina. At SSSCR we coordinate with area shelters to ease overcrowding and find loving, permanent homes for abandoned, abused and neglected animals.

To realize our mission we follow these guiding principles/ideals:
1. Every animal deserves a fair and thorough evaluation. Destroying an animal due to overpopulation of a certain breed or temporary temperament issues brought about due to the stressful conditions of shelter living or having been abused/neglected is unwarranted and inhumane.
2 . Every animal waiting for a permanent home should be treated humanely with adequate opportunities for socialization, house training, and learning basic obedience skills.
3.  Animals waiting for their forever homes should be housed in comfortable, homelike settings to ensure successful transition from adoptee to adopted.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday Aprill 22- 12 noon  - 3 pm  Come out to Pet Supplies Plus in the Westcott Shopping Center to meet some of our adoptable dogs.

April 22-23  We will be at the Strawberry Festival at Boone Hall Plantation on Saturday (10-4) and Sunday (12-4) with some of our adoptable dogs.

April 29, 12 noon - 3 pm  Visit us at Pet Supplies Plus in Summerville or Goose Creek where we will have adoptable dogs AND our famous lemonade/bake sale fundraiser for medical needs.

May 6, 12 noon - 3 pm  Visit us at All is Well on Trolley Road in Summerville.  We will have adorable puppies there to say hello!

May 6, 10 am - noon  We will have several of our adoptable dogs at the Westcott Dog Park on Dorchester Road- stop by and say hi and maybe meet a new friend!


All our animals, with more complete descriptions, are listed on  

Adoptable Animals

Click on the arrows to scroll through our adorable adoptable animals. Hover over the photo and the name will appear.

2 years     40 lbs Izzy
7 years     45 lbs Carolina
3 yrs    50 lbs Rain
1.5 yrs     60 lbs Grace
3-4 yrs     27 lbs Nikki
6 years    50 lbs Hilda
5 years      70 lbs Grady
6 years    18 lbs Sammie
2.5-3 years     57 lbs Bree
3 years     69 lbs Coco
8 years     32 lbs Clara Belle
5-6 years     48 lbs Frannie (bonded with Jojo)
8 years    8 lbs Jojo (bonded with Frannie)
6 years     28 lbs Hank/Chubby    
6-7 months      40 lbs Ruby
2 years       45 lbs Apollo 
1-2 years   45 lbs Betsy
10 years       16 lbs Todd
1 year    43 lbs Lexi
10 months     45 lbs Umie
1-2 years      40 lbs Jessie
2 years     43 lbs Henry
3 years   25 pounds Collie
2 years 42 lbs Lucky
2.5 years         60 pounds Sasha
2-3 years Quinn
1 year Talia
3 years     45 lbs Jasper
2 years    45 lbs Bailey
8 years   12 pounds Baby
2 years       38 lbs Rosie
2 years Bingo
1 year Willow
7 weeks Flo
7 weeks Gemma
2 years Tripp
2 years Taz
5 months Stanley
3-4 yrs     30 lbs Pickles
8 years Jake
7-8 weeks Sadie
2 years Cassy
1 year Magnolia
2 years Bryce
8 months Maia
4 years Chessy
6 weeks Dixie
6 weeks Harrah
6 weeks Jodie
6 weeks  Gracelyn
6 weeks Izzo
6 weeks Falcon
6 weeks Ezra
6 weeks

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Every time you walk your dog, Sinbad-Sadie receives a donation!  What could be easier?  

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